T-Shirt Design - SSOT 2021


We challenge all aspiring illustrators and graphic designers to create their own original t-shirt design that best represents this year’s Summer School of Truth. You can work as a group, and also individually. Serving ones may also participate! Deadline for submission would be Monday evening, August 2nd.

To keep T-shirt costs affordable, limit to 2 colors, but shades of the same color are fine.

Please avoid using images and religious symbols in the design.

Please email a PDF or JPG of your final design to metroplexssot@gmail.com

Please title your email with your name, and name the file with your locality and name (ie. “dallas-thomas-edison.pdf”)

If a group is working together, just let us know who worked on the design in the email.

We will make all designs available for the YP to create into their own t-shirts. We will then share the winning design with a professional designer to turn into T-shirts for this year’s SSOT!

The Divine Spirit and the human spirit
The Spirit with our spirit
The Two Spirits


You can also use a design program like Photoshop or Illustrator to design your shirts. 
If you would rather design online, you can use CustomInk.com to design it.

Download T-Shirt Template


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