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We think most of you know how to play Kahoot!…
We will be divided into four breakout rooms (two brothers’ breakout rooms and two sisters’  breakout rooms) and play a game with about 40 questions. The top ten from each breakout room (not including Serving Ones) will play a final round of about 20 questions in the main room to determine the overall champion!
1 Samuel 17:4 – And a champion came forth from the camps of the Philistines…
How to Play/Instructions
A Serving One will screen share the Kahoot! pin and questions in your breakout room. Go to Kahoot.it to enter the code to play.
It may be helpful to have two screens: one to watch the shared screen in the Zoom meeting and the other to play the Kahoot game. If you don’t have two screens you may be able to split your screen.
Please enter your name in the Kahoot! game as you do in the Zoom meeting with your group first, and then your name. You don’t need to enter your locality.
You may use your SSOT book and a physical Bible to help answer questions. Some questions have a longer time to answer to allow you time to look the answer up.
No using the internet or electronic Bibles!
Serving ones are allowed to play in the first round but will not advance to the final round.

Codenames - SSOT Edition

1. Codenames - Word List

2. Codenames - Game Link

How to Play / Instructions

Twenty-five cards, each bearing a word, are laid out in a 5×5 rectangular grid, in random order. A number of these words represent red agents, a number represent blue agents, one represents an assassin, and the others represent innocent bystanders.

The SPYMASTERS are shown the same grid of 25 squares of various colors, each corresponding to one of the code name cards on the table. Teams take turns. On each turn, the appropriate spymaster gives a verbal hint about the words on the respective cards. Each hint may only consist of one single word and a number. The spymaster gives a hint that is related to as many of the words on his/her own agents’ cards as possible, but not to any others – lest they accidentally lead their team to choose a card representing an innocent bystander, an opposing agent, or the assassin.

The hint’s word can be chosen freely, as long as it is not (and does not contain) any of the words on the code name cards still showing at that time.

The hint’s number tells the field operatives how many words in the grid are related to the word of the clue. It also determines the maximum number of guesses the field operatives may make on that turn, which is the hint’s number plus one. Field operatives must make at least one guess per turn, risking a wrong guess and its consequences. They may also end their turn voluntarily at any point thereafter.

After a spymaster gives the hint with its word and number, their field operatives make guesses about which code name cards by tapping on the card. If the card belongs to your team, play continues. If the assassin flipped over, the game ends immediately, with the team who identified him losing. If an agent of the other team is flipped over, the turn ends immediately, and that other team is also one agent closer to winning. If an innocent bystander is flipped over, the turn simply ends.

The game ends when all of one team’s agents are identified or when one team has identified the assassin (losing the game).

Instructions for Setup

Nominate a Serving One (preferrably) on each group to be the first Spy Master. They should NOT screen share. After the first round, you can nominate a YP to be the next spymaster.

The Serving One can open the Word List & Game Link above. Once the Serving One is at the game website, please “Create Game”.


Add your Secret Agent Name then toggle ON “Use a custom wordbank”. Copy & Paste the Word List into the Custom Wordbank on the website.

When that is done, tap on “Create”


On the TOP LEFT HAND CORNER, there is a button to INVITE other people to join the game.

Tap on that and share the link in the GROUP chat.

Once everyone JOINS, the two nominated SPYMASTERS should join the RED / BLUE team respectively. Please do not tap accidentally on the tiles. It is best to nominate ONE person that will handle the tapping on the tiles for each team.

SPYMASTERS – After giving your clue and number, it is best to turn off your screen.

Team Balderdash

This game is played in your GROUPS. A serving one in each group will open the link shown to the right.

The Serving One should distribute the 12 questions among the YP. Each YP should answer atleast 1 of the questions. Spend around 5 minutes coming up with answers to your assigned question.

Submit the answers to your assigned questions to the Serving One, who should add the answers to the Google Doc. Be creative and come up with responses that will trick the other groups. You have 20 MINUTES to submit your responses. Do not GOOGLE these QUESTIONS. The goal is not to get it right, but make it so that the other teams choose your ANSWER. No punctuation at the end of your answer, and capitalize correctly.

Example Questions:
1. What does N.L.D.A stand for?   Real Answer: National Luggage Dealers Assocation
2. What does Molebut mean?  Real Answer: A short, lumpy fish known as the seahog
3. What happened on December 10, 1970? Real Answer: Lee Iaococco became the president of the Ford car company
4. Who is Hajime Murooka? Real Answer: Japanese obstetrician who recorded a mother’s heartbeat so it could be played to soothe a newborn baby

Once the answers are submitted, wait while we load your ANSWERS into the next link. Once that link opens, you have another 15 MINUTES to guess the correct ANSWERS to each question.

If a team chooses another team’s response, that team will receive 1 point. All Correct Answers are worth 2 points. Choosing your own response is worth 0 points.

After the every team submits their Answers, we will come back to the main room to review the correct Answers and reveal Top Scores in each Section!



Skribbl.IO Tournament

Winner’s Bracket
B1 – Caleb Chen
B2 – Jordan Ortiz
B3 – Ethan Wang – #2
B4 – Jacob Mendizabal
B9 – Daniel Li
B9 – Nathan Berglund – #1
S4 – Lydia Cho – #3
S6 – Elisa Yee
S6 – Nizza Sandoval
S9 – Laura Liao
S9 – Maya Leisure
S9 – Phoebe Snocker
Consolation Bracket
B3 – Kelvin Zhou
B4 – Jasper Cao
B5 – Esrom Gebremichael
B6 – Jonathan Strange – #3
B8 – Billy Haines
B9 – Nathan Yee
S3 – Rachel Chen
S3 – Rhema Du
S5 – Olivia Acevedo – #2
S6 – Acacia Huang – #1
S7 – Simai Chen
S8 – Isabella Liu

Virtual Escape Room

Grab a Bible, your SSOT packet and some pen and paper. You have 40 minutes to SOLVE the PUZZLES and ESCAPE!

There are no hidden messages / hidden pages on the website this time around. All correct answers must be in “ALL CAPS”. Once you enter the correct answer, you will move on to the next puzzle.

There are 4 puzzles total. If you get stuck on a puzzle, that’s totally normal, work together as a team to think about the other possibilities.

Good luck!

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