Virtual Escape Room

Enter the Escape Room


Grab a Bible, your SSOT packet and some pen and paper. You have 40 minutes to SOLVE the PUZZLES and ESCAPE!

In your assigned group, one Person should share their screen so that everyone can see the puzzle. However, every young person should try to solve the riddles and figure out the clues.

There are no hidden messages / hidden pages on the website this time around. All correct answers must be in “ALL CAPS”. Once you enter the correct answer, you will move on to the next puzzle.

There are 4 puzzles total. If you get stuck on a puzzle, that’s totally normal, work together as a team to think about the other possibilities.

Serving Ones may not participate / help the Young People, even though it will be very tempting. They need to solve this on their own!

Once the timer runs down, this page will be updated with the URL to enter the Escape Room.

Good luck!

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