SSOT 2021 Video Project

Dear YP,

We really need your help again on a fun project for SSOT this year.  We’d like you to put together a short (2 to 5 minute) “how to” video to be shown during SSOT. (Please see the flier below.) All videos are due by July 27 and must be submitted pre-edited. So have your parents watch them to make sure they’re appropriate.

How to Submit Your Video

Once your video is recorded, head over to this Google Form:

We will need your:

1.     Email Address

2.     First and Last Name

3.     Parents Name and Contact Information if you are under 13

4.     A brief description of what you are teaching us.

5.     And the video you created!

Depending on the number and appropriateness of the videos, not all may be shown. So do your best and have a blast making them!!

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